US Central (Kansas City) Server OFFLINE

There is currently an issue at the datacenter where the servers are hosted. They are investigating and will update me further once the problem has been found and resolved. This affects servers NA-KC-01 and NA-KC-02. 

4th Aug 2021
Mordhau Servers Will be down still for a portion of today

Due to an issue with the mod support version of Mordhau servers we have to go through and manually fix each server with the updated installation script. You will know when your server is online when the dashboard shows the server is running again. All affected servers are currently turned off until I can go through and patch them today. I would of ... Read More »

15th Apr 2021
Server Control Panel Upgrade - Downtime Today

This is to let all server owners know that we are currently upgrading our panel system to the newest version. The servers are going to be unreachable for a while or may say that their status is installing or not accessible. Please give us time to complete the upgrade and we will announce when servers are back online to be used. Your server should ... Read More »

5th Apr 2021
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